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A Solution to the Phone Tree Dilemma

A more mundane access issue that has existed for three decades is the phone tree.

The inherent problem with phone trees is that they almost always create unpleasant surprises by presenting the customer with a series of three to nine options in the form of phrases that require the customer, on the fly, to decide which is the right option and pick one.

Once people hear a phrase that is confusing, they stop listening and start trying to decide whether that option is the right one for them. While thinking, they then miss the next two options and become further confused, frustrated, and angry.

To address the long-standing issue of phone trees and improve the customer experience, we have developed a virtual customer service solution that remains cost-effective for our clients.

Not only does our service eliminate the frustrations associated with phone trees, but it also ensures that businesses can benefit from an improved customer experience without breaking the bank.


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