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On Why PC Virtual Receptionists are giving cost advantage to small-to-medium businesses

We have seen traditional receptionist businesses since the first telephone was first created. It has already been a solution for growing business owners who are not yet able to hire a dedicated in-house receptionist. As far as cost is concerned, it has already been beneficial.

With the current dynamism of modern technologies, what happens when you align traditional services with modern technology? You get a huge cut down on costs without compromising the quality.

We are to borrow an excerpt from Michael E. Porter, the cost is generated by performing activities, and COST ADVANTAGE arises from performing particular activities more efficiently than competitors.

Persilient Company Virtual Receptionists runs remotely and gives small to mid-level businesses a huge competitive advantage.

The only company that offers cost-effective pricing in its industry while maintaining people who had a rigorous experience in customer service that understands people from all walks of life.

There is a reason why huge companies outsource their customer service departments in the Philippines. It has been embedded in the DNA of Filipinos of being helpful, courteous, empathetic, and polite.

It almost seems like Filipinos are built for customer service. Aside from the costs, this is why fortune 500 companies outsource in the Philippines which is one of the best countries in the world to delegate or outsource certain departments, primarily customer service.

For a very minimal fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house receptionist/customer support, you get an experienced customer service representative who will handle the phone calls and do the minimal admin work.

Why does it sound too good to be true? As of this writing, I try to question the “How” rather than the “Why” since the former gives a more systematic answer rather than the latter.

We must first understand one of the wonders in the world called “Economics” We won’t be digging deep into matters of economy. However, one should comprehend the power of the Dollar against the Peso.

We must also question the HOW of "cost-effective pricing", let us first consider that Persilient Company ONLY offers live virtual receptionists as a standalone service, nothing more and nothing less.

For matters such as this, we don’t need to invest in highly sophisticated software, we can allocate additional resources and funds, transmute it into discounts, and give these discounts to our clients since we already met their primary needs of having someone answer their basic calls.

We can then add other funds to our receptionists’ compensation, bonuses, and weekly meetings for their growth and to make sure that they are highly satisfied financially and professionally with their roles.

It is our obligation to maintain their satisfaction and needs, which in turn, would reflect on their trade, which leads to client satisfaction. A domino effect per se.

To conclude, the service itself is not intended to replace in-house receptionists rather, it is a perfect substitute should funds of small to medium businesses couldn’t meet the demand of having someone in the office to answer the phone calls.

By Juan Paolo Granada/Paul Granada

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