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Concerning the per-minute pricing

However, we live in a world where conventional ways of doing things are always comfortable. We admire conventionally, our service itself is conventional however, we must, therefore, look at the ways in which where we can better establish a longevity of relationship that is tailored to what we stand for. The way how we do things is very traditional since we want to keep it as it is, and never abuse innovation because of the backlash of what would happen to already working systems. It’s like destroying a perfectly fixed road, only to fix it again. Now, there are certain things that we would like to modify within our firm, a more unconventional approach, and that is the pricing structure. We have seen almost all the receptionist businesses charging per-minute pricing. Nothing wrong with it and it makes comprehensive sense. However, it does not sit well with one of our core values of “More than just a receptionist” We are to answer “More than just a receptionist” based on our own opinion. The preliminary answer is Customer service, at its core, as well as the fundamental traits to achieve the certain phrase. Broadening the scope of service, to achieve genuine customer satisfaction without limiting the time of interaction, especially the minutes, to be precise. In the case of per-minute pricing, conversations per call can go from $3.50 to $35 Now, every second counts. There is a barrier to every conversation, the needed action to make every call optimized, making it short since it would be unbeneficial to the client’s end, and that’s realism at its best. Why is it unbeneficial? How did it become unbeneficial if the calls are being shortened? We all want our customers to be satisfied. To achieve that satisfaction, we would have to give superior value to that person. We want to build rapport, empathy, and trust with our customers so they can consistently make a purchase from us, and make us their go-to business when certain materials are needed. However, it cannot be achieved if we’re doing our best to keep it short because of the cost per minute to have the receptionist stay on the line. As stated earlier, calls can go from $3.50 to $35. Not to mention, certain vital minutiae from the customer might be left out due to the shortening of the call. Which can lead to a domino effect on your product. Now, on per-call pricing, we can declare that these concerning matters are eliminated since there is no barrier to achieving customer satisfaction overall. Our receptionist can stay on the line as long as your customer stays on the line, building familiarity with your business and being a potential repeat customer at a very minimal cost. Now, to give you an example from your cost’s perspective, let’s say you want to achieve a 5-star satisfaction from your customer and in order to achieve that, the receptionist needs to stay on the line with the customer to answer concerns and provide resolution. Let’s say the duration of the call is 9 minutes, which is already very conservative. On per-minute pricing, assuming the cost per minute is $3.50, the amount you will be paying is $31.50 for the call. On per-call pricing, using our starter plan, the call itself is only $4.20 A $27.30 difference for achieving the same 5-star satisfaction. Now, it might not make any difference to your customer, but it does make a significant difference to your costs. We want to emphasize that our goal is to give you a cost advantage while running your business and not the other way around. The service practically pays for itself. Now you might ask, why we took the route of per call since per minute is more profitable. We had to make a trade-off, the per-minute pricing is favorable to us, however, unfavorable to our clients with what we want to achieve. You can only pay for the per-minute pricing for some time at that enormous amount. We are looking to establish a win-win situation because this is the very foundation of a long successful business relationship. We want to be an extension of our client’s business and make sure that we give them a competitive advantage in their sector by providing them a superior value which is the cost advantage. To conclude, this writing is not meant to give negative criticisms to receptionist businesses that are charging per minute, it has its advantages, so depending on your needs, it’s pretty much a case-to-case basis. By Juan Paolo Granada/Paul Granada

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