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Terms and Conditions

Your service begins the day it goes live on our systems. Service will be provided until canceled in writing. Cancellation by Client shall be provided one (1) billing calendar month in advance of the desired termination date.

Billing Practices
Services are billed in advance.

Any usage and additional charges incurred outside the per call plan will be prorated to the next month's bill.

Your initial charges for service represent our best estimate of what charges should apply based on our discussion with you. However, our computers monitor the operator time and telephone facilities needed to serve each client.


Usage is billed from cradle to grave; from the inception of a call in our systems through its completion, including wrap time.

Your actual bill will be based on the reports generated from our computer system. When necessary, prices may be increased to continue to provide service; thirty (30) days notice will be provided.

All payments should be made payable to the information provided in the email invoice

Nonpayment Policy
All invoices not paid by the next invoice date will incur a late charge. In addition, interest at 1.5% will start to accrue. Service may be interrupted or terminated without notice for nonpayment. Such interruption or termination does not relieve the Client of the responsibility for all accrued charges. In addition to the outstanding bill, the Client shall also be liable for all late charges, interest, collection fees, attorney’s fees, reconnection fees, and other costs incurred in the collection of monies due.

Disputing an Invoice
Unless you notify Persilient Company in writing within fifteen (15) days of the invoice date stated on the front of a Persilient Company invoice, you unconditionally accept the amounts and charges stated on the front of this invoice. 

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