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About Us

The Covid-19 pandemic was at its height when we started our business around 2020, we want to create an opportunity where there is none.

We started a Virtual Assistant Company at first since we can see that it is viable, and we want to achieve a win-win situation for clients as well as people around our area.

We're able to promote much more friendly pricing than our competitors while maintaining the quality of services that we offer due to certain economic circumstances which we also consider as our competitive advantage, and we want to give these certain discounts to our clients.

We were doing pretty well until we reached what Andy Grove wrote in his book "Only The Paranoid Survive" called the "strategic inflection point", which made us think of the benefits we can offer solely in customer service.

We realized that we don't want to be a pseudo-company offering a long list of services that digress from our core strength and might not be sustainable for long-term client relationships. Hence, the restructuring of the whole business model itself.

It took us quite some time brainstorming and analyzing until we reached a decision to focus on where we are strong.

The Philippines is known for its friendly, heart-warming people, and a willingness to help others, not to mention that American English is our second language. So we took a Clausewitzian approach of "concentrating our forces where we're strong", in our case, customer service.

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